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Healing +Soothing
All  Natural

Basic Product Information


Mother Humboldt’s, Inc. guarantees that all raw ingredients used in our patented formula are inspected for quality assurance by                Our formulas are made from only the finest grades of indica and sativa medicinal herbs and 100% natural organic oils in combination with specific essential compounds such as sun grown cannabis, coconut oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin E oil, vitamin C, valerian root, tea tree oil and MSM. Mother Humboldt’s patented formula is designed for rapid absorption and deep penetration to work in conjunction with our bodies own natural pain relieving system, neurochemicals and hormones that promotes pain relief within 5-10 minutes of application and can be used as needed without sedation or impairment.

Application Instructions

Before use, wash hands and the area of application with soap and water, rinse, dry thoroughly, and generously apply product. The product can be used as needed without causing sedation or impairment. 



Refrigerate Balm 7-10 minutes prior to use as balm may soften or liquefy from heat. Massage Oil must be shaken well before use but does not need refrigeration.  Do not use Mother Humboldt's with other skin products. Consult physician before use.  If you experience swelling or rash, discontinue use immediately.

For medical use only and not for redistribution. Keep out of reach of children and pets. CA H & S Code 11362.5 & 7, Prop 215 SB 420. Product test results available at SC Labs. 



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