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P R O D U C T   I N F O R M A T I O N

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Mother Humboldt’s patented formula is designed for rapid absorption and deep penetration to work in conjunction with the body’s own natural pain relieving system, providing pain relief within 5-10 minutes of application. There is no sedation or impairment and can be used as needed.

Mother Humboldt’s products are not miracle cures for any illness or injury, but they do offer an effective alternative method for treating acute or chronic pain. Over the years, many people

have used our products to treat all types/levels of pain stemming from a wide variety of injuries

and medical conditions, ranging in severity, progression, and the length of time since onset. Mother Humboldt’s has provided pain relief for the following conditions: arthritis,
tendonitis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, diabetic nerve pain, shingles, gout, restless leg syndrome, various types of cancer, muscle aches and spasms, HIV/AIDS headaches,  menstrual cramps, eczema, psoriasis, burns, bruises, and more.

Balm is applied liberally, gently massaged over targeted area until completely absorbed.

Repeat as needed. If Balm softens or liquefies from heat,  refrigerate Balm 7-10 minutes prior

to use. Massage Oil must be shaken well before use but does not need refrigeration.
Consult your doctor if irritation develops. Store in a Cool place.



For more information or to share any concerns,
please feel free to contact Mother Humboldt’s directly.

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