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24 January, 2016       Hello, friends. I just want to tell you how grateful I am for the balm you make. Initially I received some from Lori at

KindPeople's Collective in Santa Cruz because I had a Totally Radical™ hysterectomy in November, and the Kind People are helping me recover my health and manage my pain. I reached for the balm for reasons unrelated to the November surgery. Well, sort of. I got phlebitis after a second hospitalization, but it was (is) in my left arm. I experienced serious pain if I tried to lift my arm. I've been taking painkillers for weeks, and just threw some of the salve on there, not even thinking it would work. IT WORKS. I have full range of movement with this balm. I'm not kidding. And it works

on my hip—again, nothing related to the surgery, but possibly pre-arthritic. Almost instantly—I can say that literally—I could walk with no pain,

which also means no limp. It worked on our grandson's neck: he's only eleven, and he has been working through an injury. I brought it with me to the farmers market this morning and put some on a friend's banged-up wrist. She looked at it and said, "It worked RIGHT NOW." You are doing God's work—the same as farmers. In my religion, if you're feeding people or reducing their pain, THAT is God's work. Not scaring people.

 Many kind thanks, y'all.           Tanya B.    Gratitude

"This is an excellent product! I use it for lower back pain on days that I work. It helps me get through my job where I sit for hours. I don't know what I would do without it! I used to have to take narcotics for back pain, but no longer. I also use it on my lower belly for menstrual cramps. I no longer take ibuprofen for cramps. I put it on and within 10 minutes or so...relief!! I like that the ingredients in this product are top notch and natural. Thanks Mother Humboldt's!!!"



Five Star Review - Via Facebook

Staci Hollister



"I Could hardly walk last week from severe Back pain. Back pain Is now gone."



Five Star Review - Via Facebook

Gary Guzzardo




May 20 2015

Hi Daniel, Enjoying your product I have so much more movement in my neck.





20 May  2015

Thanks Daniel. Shoulder has less aching.

Karen now in Pleasanton.



Jun 5 2015

I think it may have helped that something to do with nerves in arm

 "I broke my leg two years ago and ever since have suffered from chronic residual pain, making my job

as a server difficult and painful. I tried this balm and experienced immediate relief that lasted all day!"



I applied it to my friends back who has a fatty tumour and was in constant terrible pain and he was amazed with the efficacy of this product.



This is a wonderful thing and I'm thrilled with the results!



Thank you, Rose D.

Feedback: Website Testimonial





Jun 5 2015

Hello Daniel. As requested, status of wrist pain from 5/10 to 4/10 but took about an hour.

However something else I became aware of knotted muscles. 



Jun 30 2015

I’m sold on your product. My pain is almost gone. I will be purchasing your pain medicine. Thank you very much for the demo. Amazing stuff! 



Jun 30 2015

Sorry but I’m not good at remembering names. Brian here with the sore shoulder.

Your product took away the major pain I had when I can in.   WOW! 

December 21 2015        Your Balm is the best!          I just had to write to you to say that your balm is the only topical that I have found to be effective for fibromyalgia. My rheumatoid joints swelling and redness goes down after I use your product. I would like to share my results with

my local dispensaries. Would you please send me some brochures so I can help other patients? ............... Elsbeth Meier

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